Where is my SFI Inbox and how do I use it?

Your SFI Inbox is where you go to pick up and manage notices, newsletters, and other messages sent to you from the SFI Corporate office, your sponsor, other upline team leaders, your PSAs, etc. After you log in to the Affiliate Center, you can access your SFI Inbox by clicking the envelope icon located in the top, right corner of the Affiliate Center. You can also access the inbox via your new messages alert on your SFI Alerts tab. 

Watch the video below or learn more about your SFI Inbox Click Here.

How do I add my affiliate photo?

By adding your photo, your new affiliates can be greeted by not just your name but also a friendly face...YOURS! Your picture personalizes SFI for your new affiliates and lets them know that their sponsor is a real person. Hence, we strongly encourage all affiliates to add their photos to their accounts.

Do NOT upload copyrighted material, celebrity photos, pictures of other people, etc. The point is to get YOUR face in front of your affiliates. And it's simple and easy; just follow the steps outlined HERE.

Watch this video tutorial, How do I add my affiliate photo?

How do I send an E-Card to a prospective affiliate or member?

SFI E-Cards are fun, little digital “greeting cards” designed for sending to friends, family, and co-workers to tell them about SFI and TripleClicks. They are purposely “casual” in nature. Aggressive marketing is not something you want to do with friends and family, and we want you to be comfortable using our E-Cards.

How do I rate my sponsor?

Why should I rate my sponsor each month?

By anonymously rating your sponsor's effectiveness and performance, you can let your sponsor know in what areas they're doing a good job and where they could use some improvement. PLUS...you get 10 VP every month you submit a rating! To rate your sponsor, you must have earned 500 VP or more last month. Your input is anonymous and is combined with ratings from your sponsor's other PSAs to produce an average rating or score. Those sponsors who have garnered the best ratings to date appear in the Top Sponsor LeaderboardNOTE: A minimum of FIVE ratings is required to appear on the leaderboard.

Watch below for video tutorial, How do I rate my sponsor?. You can rate your sponsor HERE

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