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Knowing what your business is about and learning how SFI is going to earn you an income should be your goal in becoming successful in SFI. The KEY to SUCCESS is having the will to take "Some-Kind-Of-Action" everyday. You can build your SFI home business, both by learning or promoting it and in time, your success will be in your own hands. 

Here is something for you to remember as you are learning how to become successful in SFI, "If It's To Be, It's Up To Me"
...short and sweet but very true in any type of business. 

Here at SFI, it's all about "Team Work" and there is no "I" in TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!

If you've just joined SFI (Strong Future International) but don't have a clue on where to begin and how to start making money from SFI, I'd like to help you out. I've put together a list of tips and ideas for getting started with SFI.

You will need to log in to your SFI Account in order to view many of the links on this site. 
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✔Step 1: Welcome to SFI

When you have joined SFI, you will see SFI Welcome Message. 

Read the welcome message and click the blue button.

To see the Welcome Page CLICK HERE.

✔Step 2: Collect your first 6 Action

Do the following 6 actions and collect free Action VPs. 
Go to step-by-step tutorial CLICK HERE.

✔Step 3: Learn about SFI 

Find out everything you and your team members need to do to create a full-time income with SFI in this Lessons:
1. LaunchPad Getting Started Training
2. SFI Training Videos
3. Training Library

*TIP! Take your time to read and learn about SFI. Success doesn't come overnight. So take one day at a time to study this rewarding business. Visit SFI Forum to read some of the best tips and ideas discussed with other affiliates worldwide.

✔Step 4: Learn how you can start to earn in SFI.

How To Generate TripleClicks Sales CLICK HERE

As SFI Affiliate you earn Direct Commission(DC) and Sales VersaPoints(SVP) from the purchases made by customers or PRM(Personally Referred Members) that you have referred to your TripleClicks store. Learn more about TripleClicks sales CLICK HERE.

This is optional but a very lucrative way of earning through Team Buildings. You need to be at least Executive Affiliate(EA) rank with 1500 VP to earn Executive Pool share(profit sharing). 
Learn more CLICK HERE.

As EA your 1500 VP can be converted to cash. The more VPs you have the higher your rank as Team Leader and you can earn Matching VPs from your Team up to 12 Generation. Example: your Team accumulated a total 150 000 VP, as Team Leader you also matched 150 000 VP into your Executive Pool share which can be converted to cash.

This is another supplemental income, optional but recommended. You need to collect Rewardicals(RW) and then you can redeem this RW to Cash, Bitcoin, Gift Certificate, TCredit, VPs and more. There are many ways to collect RWs; take part in games, contests, auctions, etc. Learn more CLICK HERE.

If you are ready to start earning the 3 ways above follow the Plan below.

If You Ever Want to Earn a Full-Time Income...

This is a must-read Forum post, a great read from Leon Mckee, Platinum Team Leader

This is a must-read Forum post, a great read from Scott Laing, Gold Team Leader

Winning starts with beginning
There will never be a "perfect" time. Start now, with whatever you have. The tools you need will come to you as you learn more about SFI and work toward your goals. And don't be derailed by "perfection paralysis" either. Realize that you won't be able to do everything perfectly. Do the best job you can. Keep learning and keep moving ahead. That's the key.
- Gery Carson, SFI President and CEO, and founder of SFI Marketing
SFI Rules of Success #12

SFI Rules of Success

Get your Free copy of Think and Grow Rich
by Napolean Hill

The object of this book is to help all who seek it, to learn the art of changing their minds from FAILURE CONSCIOUSNESS to SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Useful Tips!
  • Advertise A Little Bit Each Day!
  • Don't Get Discouraged! (We all have our good and bad days!)
  • Don't Give Up Before You Even Get Started!
  • Use the SFI Forum To Ask Questions! 
  • Set Goals For Yourself!
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions that other affiliates ask​!
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