How I earned $20 from one sales

My TripleClicks PRM(personally referred member) which I acquired from S-Builder Co-op, recently purchased Vector Robot by Anki at the TripleClicks store. This is what I earned from that sales.

From the sales I earned:
3000 Sales VP
$20 Direct Commission

The 3000 Sales VP automatically move up my rank to Bronze Team Leader and gurantees Matching VP in the Executive Pool shares from my PSAs and CSAs. The $20 increase in my monthly commission. Woot!

To generate the same sales as I had just click the 'Share' or 'Promote this listing:' link. Post the link in social media sites and any free or paid advertising platforms. You can also participate in S-Builder Co-op to get PRMs.

The best part about SFI business is the flexibility of your time and place. You can do this from your PC or handphone. Another benefit from this home business is the free marketing tools available at SFI Affiliate Center, your SFI back office.

Yes we can do this! Onwards and Upwords!

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