October 2019 Achievers

Another great progress and team work. Congratulations to the following Team Members who had achieved Executive Affiliates(EA) and Team Leaders(TL) rank for the month of October 2019. Thank you and keep up the great work!

PSA(Personally Sponsored Affiliate)

Md Moulali Shaikh(BTL)

CSA(Co-Sponsored Affiliate)
Yu Wang (EA)
Ruthe Monteith (BTL)
Earnest Fernando (STL)
Ion Duff (EA)
Margaret Albright (STL)
Zofija Plavčak (EA)
Jose Andueza (BTL)
Jayantilal G. Patel (BTL)
Bonnie Williams (BTL)
Gunnar Hardarson (BTL)
Jánosné Szűcs (EA)
Thankgod Chiemerie (EA)
Uwingabire Clementine (BTL)

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