How to Install TripleClicks Banner in Your Blog

The advantage of installing TripleClicks banner in your blog is to showcase your store or products. So when visitors click on that banner, will bring them to your store or the product page. The following tutorial will show you how to put banner in your blog.

Step 1
You will need a blog. If you don't have one, create a blog in blogger. You can see previous post with video on How to Create A Blog in Blogger.

Step 2
Go to Marketing at SFI Affiliate Center.

Step 3
Choose any one of the TripleClicks Banner and copy the HTML code.

Step 4
  1. Go to your blog, 
  2. choose Layout, 
  3. Add A Gadget, 
  4. scroll down and choose HTML/JavaScript  
  5. paste the HTML code in the Content box. 
  6. Save.
Watch tutorial video below.

Step 5
Return to your TO-DO/VP Ledger list, under Intermediate Actions click the link For installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog.

Step 6
Key in your Blog URL example, inside the box and click the grey button. 

Step 7
Once successful you will see following message and get 20 VP.

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