How To Attract New Affiliates

Today I want to share an insightful Training Article, How To Attract New Affiliates. This article shared very useful information, tips and ideas on finding quality PSAs(personally sponsored affiliates) over quantity using free or paid advertising. This article can be found in SFI Affiliate Center but since there are so many articles there we tend to miss this useful information. That is why I wanted to share this article here.

TRAINING ARTICLE: How To Attract New Affiliates

 Article by: 
Yank Elliott, SFI Team Leader

Affiliates are the lifeline of our SFI businesses, and there are many ways to sponsor new PSAs--including face-to-face with friends, relatives, and strangers; advertising (both free and paid), and purchasing PSAs. However, a startling reality for many is that most new affiliates end up doing nothing at all.

Even long-time affiliate and SFI PTL Bing Obaldo cautions his SFI Affiliate co-op customers to "expect to get only 2% to 3% of sign-ups to be active," a pretty standard figure for co-op participants.

Why? Simple:
A. PSA sign-ups are checking out multiple business opportunities at the same time they are checking out yours.

B. A majority are looking for a quick source of income online. And SFI is NOT a quick get-rich scheme, but a proven 16-year-old business opportunity.

C. Some sign-ups may stay inactive for several months before becoming active.

As a team leader, you'll probably get many requests about how to make money quickly. After you let them know that SFI is not a get-rich-quick business, and they'll need to do a little work every day, they often disappear, never to return. BUT, once in a while you get a surprise, a diamond among the rocks, a true leader and go-getter that makes it all worthwhile. So, never give up on any team member!

Still, a steady stream of affiliates is important to your business, and the subject of inactive affiliates is discussed all the time in the SFI Forum and within Ask SC.


Bryan Hammond, SFI BTL, answered this Ask SC question with three solutions:
Post ads on classified Websites. Don't forget to use key codes and keep a record of everything you post so you can go back and review which ads are working.

Use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+,, stumbleupon, vine, reddit, blinklist, fark, gawker, digg, diigo, and others.

Become active on forums outside of SFI. Put your Gateway address in your signature file, so that every time you post or reply to a post, your Gateway is displayed.

Rosafilipina Burcer, SFI BTL, suggests these ideas:
Before posting anything on a site, I personally submit my personal profile with my photo on it to make my future posting about SFI more professional.

Create a blog or personal Website where you can post your Gateways and marketing aids provided at the marketing center.

There are sites that pay for writing articles or reviews; submit a nice article or review about SFI Affiliates. In addition to getting new affiliates, you may earn money for writing.

Get an account with Google+ where you can post feeds regarding SFI Affiliates.

From Niroshan Paul Kanagaretnam, SFI BTL, come these recommendations:
Use free marketing tools such as Marketing Aids.

Send some free E-Cards often for attracting new affiliates.

Write articles about online auctions, saving money, home business, and finding deals for pennies on the dollar online at sites like TripleClicks.

Print some free Flyers and hand them to your new  prospects.

Promote some attractive and low price products from

Tell your friends and new affiliates to check out the WAVE3 (W3) program.


Brian Rooney, SFI BTL, discusses the pros and cons of such a plan:
The pros are that you are going to have a very large downline, with many opportunities of growing your Matching VPs and earnings.

The cons are that you can have 100s or 1000s of PSAs in your downline, but there is absolutely no guarantee that any of them are actually going to have the commitment and desire to succeed as you do. But it is a well-known fact within SFI, the majority of affiliates who join don't do anything more than "test the water," and then give up.

My suggestion is not to spend lots of money on purchasing 100s of PSAs, but to slowly build your downline of PSAs, perhaps using SFI S-Builder.

Robert Cwik, EA2, shares these thoughts on sponsoring a lot of affiliates on a low budget:
You would need to have at least 100,000 visits each day to your offer page in order to "extract" 100 PSAs.

We all would like to know a cheap method of doing this. You may want to contact those top 5 on the Top Enrollers list and ask them how they do it and how much it costs them.

Karl Peterson, EA2, questions what is modest:
He thinks you need to change your question to: "How can I get 5 EAs and train them to each get 5 EAs in less than a year?"

That is what your goal should be: Duplication. That is what will get you to STL and GTL and enough matching VP to get a decent monthly check.


Velma Prince, EA2, has a slightly different answer to this question:
Buying or sponsoring PSAs is not the problem; the important issue is if they can be active in duplicating you.

According to SFI, to have 5 working PSAs could result in a gold mine. We all wish to have that special 5 or more for us to experience real income from SFI.

You need to invest time and money. TIME to use your Gateways, blogs and e-mail to sponsor individually. MONEY to buy and to spend on advertisements.

Remember, though, that you still need to be an awesome and fantastic sponsor to all your downline--whether you buy them, get them for free, or sponsor them yourself.

Jewell Pountney, EA2, says these things:
You should probably do both. The experience will be good for you. You might find that you are good at recruiting affiliates.

Play to your strengths. If you aren’t good at sponsoring, be consistent with ordering S-Builder and Website hits/affiliates from some of our ECAs.

Anirban Kundu, BTL, suggests these ways to obtain quality affiliates:
Purchase some shares (depending upon your budget) of S-Builder.

Check with your sponsor/co-sponsor about any co-op being run and then participate in those to lower the investment and get affiliates without effort.

Bid in auctions and try to win PSAs.

If time permits, use the numerous free Websites to advertise your Gateways and recruit for yourself.


Steve Caswell, EA2, has these suggestions:
Build a network of friends wherever you go online and offline. This is something you need to involve yourself in on a daily basis and requires a lot of driving, a lot of walking, and a lot of talking. But by doing this, you will find quality people.

Either way you look at this business, it's a numbers game, and to find the quality people you seek, you need to reach certain numbers. The average is that 3% of the people will make it in SFI. So you need to think about how many PSAs you want to have. Typically, to become successful in this business you will need at least 5 PSAs who maintain at least EA every month. Since the average is 3%, you will want at least 200 PSAs. And out of them there is a chance (no guarantee) that you will find 5 quality people.

Ronilo Saguit, STL, gives this answer to the question:
You need both the quantity and the quality. SFI is an Internet marketing business and the reality of Internet marketing is that only 1% to 5% will see the opportunity and will get active. With this statistic you need the quantity first before you can select the quality affiliates. That is the truth in Internet marketing.

What kind of affiliates are we looking for that we can say that they are quality affiliates? For me good quality affiliates are those: 1. Who have tried network marketing or are keen to earning online. 2. Who have credit cards or PayPal account and have tried doing transaction/buying online.

Mike Lundeen, BTL, has some excellent, but different, ideas:
The best way to find quality people, is to focus your attention on offline prospecting. Purchase a really good network marketing lead list, and call them up. Ask them if they are still looking for a business opportunity. If they are, find out what they are looking for. Ask “qualifying” questions like “how much time each day can you devote to building your business”, and “if you saw the right opportunity today, would you want to get started right away?”

This will help you determine who is serious, and guide them to your SFI Gateway. Stay on the phone with them as they sign up. Direct them to the SFI basics tab and tell them to earn at least 500 VP before logging off. With this method, you start everyone off the RIGHT way. Many of them will be serious enough to set up their standing order in the first few days. The point is, you interact and begin forming a relationship with them from day one. Network marketing is, and will always be, about building relationships.


Donna Lawrence, an SFI Affiliate, has these ideas:
They gain a Fast Track badge.

Complete more than two Launchpad Lessons within 24 hours of joining.

They become an a2a member.

They contact you for more info and guidance.

Has more than two PSAs within the week of joining.

At the second month, if they have made 1500 VP and completed all their tasks on their To-Do List. This is a person you want to keep an eye on and encourage to continue.

Because the signs are clear that SFI is something they really want to be a part of, they are truly interested in remaining active. Your job is to just help them stay on course by showing them how far they have come. Now imagine just how much more awaits them when they continue with the same passion they have shown so far.

Ryan Jayatunga, BTL, believes in these actions:
Throw the net far and wide through free/paid advertising and talking to people you know. Many will sign up initially, but as Gery says, only one in about 20 will be great performers.

Go for quantity at the start, then watch how they respond to your welcome and encouragement to pick and work with the few of quality among them.

The truly interested ones will respond to you and work hard. Invest your time and effort with these.

Share victories, successes and insights you have gained and watch them flourish as they build their businesses and yours as well.

To succeed with SFI you need just about five top performers on your team. So do not be discouraged; go for quantity at sign up, then look out for quality and ‘work with workers’ to realize their fullest potential.

Stefan Auerbach, GTL, has this to say about attracting affiliates:
It is not easy to target specifically for SFI and people who might have am interest in this opportunity, but you can target and focus on the common areas of interests that certain demographics may attract them to SFI using keywords like:
Work at home
Home based business
Residual income
Make money online
2nd income online

You can use both free and paid advertising to focus on these markets.

The best approach at finding truly interested people who will remain active in SFI is to just keep advertising and promoting your Gateways and/or purchasing co-ops and sign-ups.

Yank Elliott is an SFI Team Leader and freelance writer living in the swamps of Hurricane Alley, North Carolina, USA. He has been an active SFI member since 1999.

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