How To Send E-card to SFI Prospects

SFI E-Cards are fun, little digital “greeting cards” designed for sending to friends, family, and co-workers to tell them about SFI and TripleClicks. You can send up to 10 prospect E-Cards a day. However, you can only send ONE E-Card to the same person per day. There are several designs to choose from, and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. E-Cards are purposely "casual" in nature. Aggressive marketing is not something you want to do with friends and family, and we want you to be comfortable using E-Cards.

There are two types of E-Cards available: those for prospects and those for affiliates. This post will teach you how to send E-Cards to prospects. To learn how to send E-Cards to affiliates please read my previous post.

1) At SFI Affiliate Center, click Marketing at the top menu bar to go to Marketing Center.

2) At Marketing Center, under Type click the drop-down button and choose E-Card.

3) Choose an E-Card and click Preview.

4) At Preview box click Send this E-Card.

5) Choose a design template.

6) Choose a Gateway, click the drop-down button and select one SFI website that you want to include in your message.

7) Click Add Contact.

8) Type in the recipient's Name, Email Address and click Add Contact.

9) Choose recipients, check the box beside the name and click button Preview my e-card.

10) At Preview page, 
  1. type in your message in the Content box, 
  2. check the box for 'I agree' and 
  3. click the button Send Message.

IMPORTANT! E-Cards are ONLY for friends, family members, co-workers--people you know and who know you. E-Cards may not be used for any other types of mailings. Violations will result in immediate suspension.

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