How To Send E-card to SFI Team Member

SFI E-Cards are fun, digital greeting cards designed for sending to your Team members and Upline. There are varieties of E-Cards to choose from different category; Tips, Thank You, Welcome, Congrats, Here To Help, Inactive, Don't Go, Birthday and Anniversary. You can send ONE E-Card to the same person per day. Although you can send any available e-card to your upline, keep in mind most of these e-cards are designed for your downline. Limit of one e-card to the same affiliate per day.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial with pictures to send an E-Card to SFI affiliate.

1) Go to Genealogy or Movers tab and click the Affiliate's name.

From Genealogy: My Account > My Report > Genealogy

From Movers Tab:

3) At the Affiliate Snapshot, click 'Send an E-Card' then choose any one of the E-Card category.

4) As an example, I choose the 'Welcome' category, then select the E-Card you want to send.

5) Type email message in the content box. Check the 'I Agree' box and then click the 'Send Message' button.

Hope the above is helpful especially to the new SFI members. Good day!

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