How To Be Executive Affiliate Every Month

Please note that it is never a requirement to be Executive Affiliate(EA). To qualify as an EA (Executive Affiliate), you need to earn 1500 VP a month. This is an option to maximize your income towards higher rank thus higher income stream. There are different ways on how to be EA.

1. Earn VPs from Sales
You can choose to be EA without any investment, no cost at all by REFERRING customers to your TripleClicks store and when these customers buy from your store, you will get to earn the commission and also the Versapoints(VP). You will need to make sales with at least 1500 VP to qualify for EA rank. Unless you are a good salesperson this method may take longer time and sometimes difficult to reach the minimum requirement of 1500 VP each month. However, if you have no intention of being EA and go up the ladder, then continue to make sales and earn commission at your own pace.

2. Earn VPs from Purchases - Transfer Buying
The fastest way to be EA is transfer buying that is to purchase your normal everyday used products at TripleClicks store, ranges from Health & Wellness, Apparel, Books, Magazines, Food & Beverages and many more. For your SFI Business products ranges from S-Builder Co-op, TCredits, Business Cards, Gift Cards and many more. Note: You will only get to earn VPs and NOT the commission from your own purchases.

Our BEST deal on TCredits. Use them to redeem on TripleClicks products, bid on auctions, provide team rewards/incentives, attract new TC members, play games for prizes, and more! You'll ALSO get EA-qualifying 1,500 VP monthly and automatically earn 1 bonus Action VersaPoint for each TCredit you use!

3. Earn VPs from combination of your Action VPs with Purchase VPs (Low Cost)
First you need to get the free Action Versapoints (AVP) from your To-Do List tab:

Daily Actions
12 VP per day 360 VP per month (30 days)

TIP! Play Free EZ games, take part in Biz Quiz, T-Time, Auction, Daily Grand, Daily Crown and win Rewardicals(RW) and other prizes. Redeem RW to VPs, TCredits, Cash and more!
Weekly Actions
3 VP per week (Sunday to Saturday) 12 VP per month
Monthly Actions
15 VP per month

18 ways you can earn VPs for Free - There are MANY actions on your SFI To-Do List that will earn you UNLIMITED VersaPoints without having to purchase anything. See detailed steps Click Here.

Doing all the above monthly, weekly and daily actions will give you total 432 VP each month.

-Option 1-
Purchase 11 single TCredit, $20.90(Auto-delivery) = 1122 VP
[Note: If you have more Action VPs then you can buy less single TCredit, just make sure enough for the required VPs]

-Option 2-
Purchase 100 TCredit Pack, $29.00(Auto-delivery) = 1200 VP

From above total, your Action VPs with combination Purchase VP from Option 1 or 2, you will get more than 1500 VP, enough for EA status every month with no problem.

Why is it important to be EA? - First, when you are an EA, you will earn money from the Executive Pool Share(profit sharing). - Second, you receive free 10 TCredits and 10 CSAs that you can earn from if you're an EA every month.
- Third you receive free 50 RW(rewardicals) you can redeem to VPs, TCredits, CASH and more. - Fourth, you don't lose any CSA's you already have. - Fifth, you show your PSA's you are committed to building your business, and that it works.

Our best recommendation is to have standing order 125 TCredit Pack with 1500 VP, you will get additional 100 VP, you are automatically EA every month, putting you closer to Team Leader rank and higher income stream. 

My advice if you have low budget start with the low cost to be EA and once you have 3-5 active PSAs (personally sponsored affiliates) in your first level, then buy 125 TCredit Pack with 1500 VP.

Tip! Be sure to follow The Diamond Plan to maximize your income.

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