How To Transfer VP from previous month to current month (New Affiliates Only)

New affiliates who aren't able to earn the EA-qualifying 1,500 VP before the end of the month in which they joined can choose a ONE-TIME transfer of ALL the VP they earned to the subsequent month. This allows new affiliates to carry their momentum--and their earned VP--over to the following month without missing a beat.

Qualified Affiliates have until the 7th of the month to transfer their VP. An alert on their SFI homepage and an e-mail from SFI on the 1st of that month will remind the Affiliate that they can transfer their VP with just one click.

HOWEVER...although this policy was created with new Affiliates in mind, any Affiliate who has never been an Executive Affiliate (EA) and has never transferred their month's VP to the following month can take advantage of the VP Transfer option. Note that only the prior month's VP can be transferred over to the current month.

IMPORTANT! This transfer policy is a one-time offer ONLY! Therefore, it's a good idea to personally contact your qualified affiliates before the 7th of the month to help ensure they don't miss out!


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