How To Issue Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to motivate your SFI Affiliates and TC Members.

The reason is simple: People like bargains. People like receiving and taking advantage of special offers. By offering gift certificates to your Affiliates and your TC Members you will create increased interest in SFI and TripleClicks--and this will naturally lead to more activity.

Using the gift certificates program is very simple.  Just follow the easy instructions on the Gift Certificate Manager.

Before you can issue Gift Certificates, you must have funds in your TripleClicks account from which to draw. Then, any time a gift certificate you've authorized is redeemed, SFI will automatically deduct that amount from your TC account.

NOTE: You can add funds to your special Gift Certificate account HERE at the TripleClicks store. You can choose to add $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500, and $1,000 amounts. Please note that all amounts are in U.S. Dollars. Also, keep in mind that Gift Certificate funds will not be available for use until your order is approved (up to 1 to 2 business days).

To issue a Gift Certificate to an affiliate
Go to your Genealogy Report and click the G Cert. tab. Then click the "Buy Now" link to purchase a Gift Certificate for a specific affiliate. Select the certificate amount you wish to offer and a deadline (up to 90 days) on your offer. (NOTE: A deadline gives your certificate a sense of urgency and enables you to better track the current gift certificates you have available at any given time.)

The SFI system then automatically sends your affiliate a special e-mail notifying them of the discount you've offered and the deadline. There will also be a special link included to quickly and easily access and choose a qualifying product or products from TripleClicks. Your affiliates will have an option to deduct the amount of your Gift Certificate balance from their order during checkout.

To issue Gift Certificate to your TC Members 
Go to your TripleClicks PRMs report. Click the "Issue a gift certificate" link to purchase a gift certificate for a specific TC Member.

And remember, Gift Certificates can ONLY be redeemed for products bought at TripleClicks. That means that for every affiliate or TC Member who redeems your Gift Certificate, you'll encourage activity from in your team or customer base. And the extra income generated for you by this activity can let you offer these Gift Certificates for little to no cost. What's more, because funds for gift certificates NOT redeemed upon expiration are made available to re-issue as new gift certificates, you have little to nothing to lose!

Of course, it's important to look beyond the initial transaction and see the BIG PICTURE:

Even if you are offering Gift Certificates of as much as $20, you're encouraging your affiliates to become active in their own business (possibly creating income for you for months or years) and your TC Members to make purchases at the store and spread the word about TripleClicks. And who knows how much activity and future transactions THAT will bring to the table?

Bottom line: The gift certificate program can help you turn many "fence sitters" into active SFI affiliates and TC Members and substantially grow your commission check over time.

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