How To Generate TripleClicks Sales

As SFI Affiliate you can earn Direct Commission 50% of CV for that product.  Direct Commission is income you earn each time one of your Personally Sponsored SFI affiliates(PSA) and/or Personally Referred TripleClicks Members(PRM) place an order at TripleClicks store.

All the tools are available in one page to teach you about your TripleClicks store and how to generate TripleClicks sales. To learn how to generate TripleClicks sales go to

You can promote your TripleClics store, promote as single products or collection of products, Astro Auction and EZ Games.

Various ways you can promote like Banner ads, Flyers, E-cards and many more marketing aids and methods, just refer to your Training and Marketing page.

Below is a tutorial with pictures on how to generate TripleClicks sales from a single product.

1. First Log in to your SFI account. Point your cursor at the Zing Network icon and click the TripleClicks link.

2. Choose one product you want to promote. In this case I have selected below product, Travel Laptop Backpack as an example. Then click the SFI Toolbox tab.

3. At SFI Toolbox you can see the various ways to promote. You can also click the Share button to get promotional link. 
Tip: Copy and paste the product promotion link and post to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Classified Ads, Advertising Forums and other advertising platforms.

4. From the pop-up​ you can also see the Direct Commission(DC) and the VersaPoints(VP) that you can earn when someone buy this product. 

5. If you want to search products from your country go to Filter Search at the left of page, scroll down and see under Shipping choose the shipping option. 

I hope this helps to understand better about your TripleClicks store and how to generate TripleClicks sales.

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