How To Set Up Your Lifetime Prestige Custom Domain

For SFI Affiliates, if you have purchased the Lifetime Prestige Custom Domain and have no idea how to set it up. This post will guide you with step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your Prestige Custom Domain. 

First you need to go to Custom Domain Manager.  On that page follow the following steps.

1. Enter your unique domain prefix in the leftmost field.
Type in the box of your preferred unique name in the Custom Domain #1. 
Example: I used globalincome

2. Choose the domain you wish to use from the first dropdown menu.
Example: I choose

3. Select the gateway you want this domain to link to from the second dropdown menu (the recommended gateways is preselected for you).
Example: I choose the First gateway.

4. Enter a Key Code (optional).
Example: Type 2105

5. Click 'Submit' button.
6. Promote and advertise the new domain.

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