How to Play Astro Auction

This post is a tutorial on how to play Astro Auction. Astro is based on the popular silent auction model, which has a lot of freebies.  So even though you don't win the auction you can really win some prizes. With Astro Auction you place your bid first, and just one time.  Simply place the highest bid you can for as many TCredits that you think will win (i.e. be the highest bid).

With the exception of one TCredit required for a processing fee, you can get all your bids back if you don’t win.  Yes, when you enter your bid, you’ll choose how many TCredits you want to receive back if you don’t win.  In other words, Astro Auctions are essentially risk-free!

There’s much more to win with Astro than just the item being auctioned!  For each auction you enter (with as little as a single bid), you’ll be entered to win two different jackpots (“Rocket Box” and “Supernova.”).  You also get a free entry in our new “Pick-The-Bid” contest.  Your objective is to predict what the winning bid will be.  Be the closest and you’ll automatically win 500 Rewardicals!  And that’s still not all!  For each TCredit you “tip your pilot” (the TCredits you choose not to receive back if you don’t win the auction), you’ll automatically earn at least 10 Rewardicals that you can redeem for VersaPoints, PSAs, CSAs, and more.  And if all that wasn’t enough, you’re guaranteed to win at least two additional “Constellation Prizes!”

Whenever you win an Astro Auction, there’s nothing to pay for, no checkout to go through, etc.  You already took care of everything when you placed your bid!  So when you win, we simply deliver it to you automatically!  For digital items like TCredits and CSAs, they’ll be dropped into your account instantly.  For physical items, they’ll get queued to ship to you ASAP.

To take part in Astro Auction you need to be an SFI Affiliate or TripleClicks Member. If you are not a member yet Click Here to join.

Here’s how to join and win an Astro Auction:

1. From your SFI homepage click the Zinger icon and click TripleClicks link.

2. Click the BID link and Go to the Asto Auction Index.

3. Choose an auction you wish to bid on.  Click the BID button.

3. Enter your bid in TCredits and click Continue.

4. Choose how many of the TCredits that you've bid that you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on (minimum 1). For each TCredit you earmark for said prizes, you'll automatically receive a minimum of 10 Rewardicals (redeemable for a variety of valuable items at, plus other Constellation Prizes. Click the continue button to proceed.
TIP! If you want your TCredit balance back if you don' win the auction, make sure the number TCredit always shows 1. 
Example: You placed 10 TCredit to Bid(step 3) and 1 TCredit in Constellation Prizes(step 4). If you don't win the Auction you will get balance 9 TCredit back or returned.

5. Enter your free Pick-The-Bid prediction.  Be the closest prediction to the auction’s winning bid and you’ll win 500 Rewardicals! Click the "SUBMIT BID" button to complete your bid.

6. When fueling and boarding are completed and the auction is ready to launch, you will receive an email alert. 

7. The auction you bid on will now be displayed on the Auction Index with “READY” status.  Click the “LAUNCH” button. Note: You have up to 7 days to complete this step and claim your prize(s). Not completing this step will result in the forfeiture of all wins/prizes.

8. During the next two minutes, the auction will be “IN FLIGHT” and the top 20 bidders will be revealed one by one in “countdown” fashion.  Also during this stage, you’ll find out how many Rewardicals and what other Constellation Prizes you’ve won.

9. At the end of the two minute flight, your auction’s starship will have landed successfully and ALL winners…for the auction itself, for Rocket Box, Supernova, Pick-The-Bid, and Quantum, will be announced, recorded, and prizes queued for immediate delivery. Click the "Claim Winnings" button. 

Reminder: After the launch, we'll send you an email and/or other type of alert. For up to 7 days (168 hours) after boarding is completed, you'll have the opportunity to experience the flight. Important Note: You MUST watch the flight to claim any items/prizes won.
For complete details, tiebreaker rules, and much more, please refer to the Astro Auction OFFICIAL RULES page.

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