How to convert Rewardicals into Cash

We are excited to announce that, new for 2019, SFI Affiliates can now redeem Rewardical tokens directly for cash! Yes, this means that every Rewardical you earn or win can now be instantly turned into cash.  By the way, did you know that there are more than a dozen ways to acquire Rewardicals (many of which are 100% free)?  Learn about all the ways BELOW.

You can convert your Rewardicals any time you want…with just a $.01 USD (one cent) minimum! 

Here’s how it works:

1. Log in to SFI Affiliate Center with your SFI ID and password.

2. Click RW tab then click the “Redeem Now” link.

3. At the Exchange, choose the “CASH” option and set the number of Rewardicals you want to redeem for cash.  Tip: Set the number of Rewardicals by dragging the slider bar (or you can just enter the number in the box next to the slider bar).

As you adjust the slider, you'll see the cash amount and the Rewardicals required to obtain the item, as in the example above.

4. The amount you selected will immediately be added to your SFI Commissions account, to be paid per your preferences!

That’s it, it’s that easy!

What are Rewardiclas?

Rewardicals are digital tokens you can redeem for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies–including free Bitcoin, Silver and Cash!

Thank you Scott Laing, Gold Team Leader for sharing the video.

How can I earn Rewardicals?

1. Hundreds of free Rewardicals can be earned daily, for example, via Daily Grand, Daily Crown, and Biz Quiz!  Many, many more can be collected by participating in Badge Quest, entering the E365 competition, playing Eager Zebra(EZ) games, and so on! 

TIP! Everyday turn the Red tabs to Green (Daily Actions) and earn minimum 10 VP to enter the Daily Grand Draw. Also play free EZ Games to enter the Daily Crown Draw. Doing both daily you could win Rewardicals and convert them to Cash. See Videos below.

Do Daily Actions
Play Free EZ Games

Play more free Games see EZ Tab. 

2. Every time you spend a TCredit playing an Eager Zebra game…and every time you bid on an Astro auction, you can now be earning cash! 

TIP! Everyday win 2 FREE TCredit in T-Time Draw, then use the free TCredit to bid in Astro Auction and guaranteed to win Rewardicals. See videos below.

Win 2 FREE TCredits in T-Time

Bid Astro Auction with 1 TCredit

3. You earn Rewardical Match tokens on all of your PSAs (10-1), CSAs (25-1), and PRMs (10-1). In other words, even more opportunities to convert Rewardicals for cash!
4. As a Rewardical member (all SFI affiliates have a Rewardical membership by default), you can earn Rewardicals when you shop at a Localvantia merchant! Search for Localvantia merchants in your area...OR learn more about the Localvantia Program and how you can incorporate it into your growing business HERE.  PLUS...for every 10 Rewardicals your Personally Referred Vendors dispense to their customers, YOU earn one Rewardical! 

5. Everyone loves cash so it will now be easier than ever to recruit PRMs (such as when using the new Rewardical gateway)! Go to Marketing Center see different methods and aids on how to refer members using your gateway below.

Your referral link/gateway, replace XXXXXX with your SFI ID: (to refer PRM)

6. It’s required that you register as an SFI affiliate to exercise the cash redemption option, so is any of your PRMs choose to redeem their Rewardicals for cash, they’ll be asked to register with SFI.  And, of course, if you referred them, they’ll now become your PSAs and part of your SFI team!
Optional but recommended: 
Earn recurring and ongoing income with this ULTRA-simple 3-step plan: 
  1. Become Executive Affiliate(EA) and remain an EA every month. Buy auto-delivery 125 TCredit Pack @ $36.25 that is $1.21 a day which guarantee you EA rank 1500 VP every month. You will receive FREE Bonus 10 CSAs(Co-Sponsored Affiliates), 10 TCredit, 50 RW, Executive Pool share, Matching RW and other Executive Benefits.
  2. Sponsor 5 serious PSAs(Personally Sponsored Affiliate) using the methods listed HERE.
  3. Teach your 5 serious PSAs to do these same 3 Steps. 
  • NOTE: When your 5 PSAs make Auto delivery (125 TCredits @ $36.25), you will get a total direct commission of $44.15 . This means that your $1.21 daily expenses is already covered and you have a profit of $7.90 per month. From this point you are running your SFI business for FREE.
  • Teach your 5 PSAs to collect RW and you can earn Matching RW and earn even more CASH!
Log in to your SFI Affiliate Center to learn more on How to earn Rewardical and more on the Compensation Plan.

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