SFI President Special Memo: What’s Ahead for 2019!

Let me start with; Happy New Year 2019! I am excited, so many exciting opportunities to look forward in this new year. Gery Carson, SFI President and Founder of SFI Marketing had announced in his special memo. Below I share with you this exciting news.

To: All SFI affiliates
From: SFI President & Founder, Gery Carson
Greetings and my warmest New Year wishes to all!
Before we talk 2019, I’d like to first thank all of our wonderful, hard-working affiliates for their outstanding efforts and support in 2018.  As always, you showed up and lead the way!  Thank you so very much, and please know that making sure you are rewarded for your efforts is my #1 priority as we move into an exciting new year!
2019 is starting out with a bang…thanks to our new Rewardical direct cash redemptions (see today’s other announcement).  There is a HUGE potential here, and if this was the only new program announced for the whole year, it might be enough to create major new growth!  But if there’s one thing you can count on with SFI…it’s that we never stop innovating and we never stop working on improving SFI for our affiliates!
Following are just SOME of the projects in the pipeline:


This is a biggie for sure and should be live and ready for you to put to work for your business within 10 days.
From the new Starter Incentives Manager (coming soon), you’ll select the group(s) you want to target with special incentives and set your preferences.  Save your choices and it immediately goes into affect.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could incentivize a live chat with all new PSAs right when they sign up?  Well, now you’ll be able to!  Just turn on Starter Incentive #100 and choose how many Rewardicals you want to offer (your cost can be as little as just a couple cents!).  Then, from now on, your new PSAs will see the following modal screen (personalized with your name, your new PSA’s name, and your reward amount).  It will automatically pop up on their screen after 2 minutes of submitting their registration.
Not online enough to be available regularly for live chats?  No worries, because you can also choose an email version (i.e. Starter Incentive #101, to engage with you via email instead).
And this is just the start!  There are almost infinite ways that Starter Incentives can be used for new PSAs and existing team member both, and we plan to work with SFI leaders to develop a variety of options in the months ahead. 
Be watching for the full details announcement, coming soon!


We are excited to debut our own Zing Network advertising platform in 2019 (hopefully within just 3-5 weeks).
Zing Network Ads (ZNAs) will allow our ECAs (both at TripleClicks and Rewardical.com) to readily and inexpensively put their products in front of thousands of SFI affiliates and Zing Network members.  All Zing Network properties may be utilized.
Our advertisers will be able to fine-tune their ad campaigns, too.  Let’s say you’re an Australian RECA (Rewardical ECA) and you sell personalized picture frames on your website.  With ZNAs, you can choose exactly how many views of your ad you want and you can target them so only Australian affiliates/members see your ad!  Or add any other additional countries you want, too!
Our first objective with ZNA is to greatly open up sales between our affiliates and members in the same regions of the world and create more purchase opportunities where high shipping costs are eliminated.
Imagine you just joined SFI and were able to instantly see a selection of great products from sellers right in your own city or area.  We think this will be a great way to show new affiliates right away how truly broad and international SFI is and to create a great connection!
We are also developing some ideas on how to allow former TripleClicks ECAs to come back into the fold via ZNAs.  Stay tuned.
Ultimately, however, we hope to expand ZNA well beyond just existing and former sellers.  That is, with our network of now over over 8 million members, we offer ALL sellers a great opportunity for new and ongoing sales.  And with this, the SFI opportunity can become even more lucrative for our affiliates, by marketing targeted, digital advertising.


We think there’s need for another major digital product in our line-up.  I have to stop short of providing specific details as this one is still in the early stages, but It will have some juicy attributes, such as:
  • Monthly subscription
  • Fully digital and available to all with no shipping costs
  • Exclusive, available only from us
  • Excellent value but inexpensive
  • High CV and VP
If everything comes together, this new product could be launched within 3-4 months.


These aren’t new products are programs of course, but they’re going to get a lot more focus in 2019.
One of things I’ve noticed about these programs is how few affiliates seem to “get” how truly powerful they are and how big they could be for growing your monthly commissions.
Imagine you and your team members simply buying your groceries, fueling up your car, dining at your favorite restaurants, etc. and earning FREE Rewardicals that can then be redeemed for all your rank-qualifying VersaPoints each month!  Or, with the new Rewardical Cash Redemption option (see today’s other announcement), those earned Rewardicals can now be redeemed directly for cash!
Better yet, imagine doing all that with no additional expense whatsoever; you just buy what you already buy!  That’s exactly what Localvantia offers!  But Localvantia isn’t just about grocery stores, gas stations, and places to eat.  On the contrary, Localvantia is designed to cover ALL merchants with products and services consumed locally. 
And Rewardical.com is just an extension of the Localvantia model.  That is, the Rewardical.com search engine allows you to also shop ONLINE sellers and collect free Rewardicals, again without adding to your budget (just buy what you already buy, i.e. “Transfer Buying”).
These two programs are so important to SFI because they eliminate (or greatly decrease) shipping costs because it allows you to buy direct from local or nearby sellers.  They also allow you to buy directly using your own currency, to deal with sellers who speak your language, and keep revenues in your local economy.  And the biggest of all is that they are TERRIFIC for those without a lot of money to invest in their business.  Instead, they can meet all rank qualifications by simply buying the stuff they were going to buy anyway.  
Please, folks, let that sink in; this is the”holy grail” that network marketing companies have been trying to get to for more than a half-century.  We have it!  Time to bring it up to its proper place in the SFI hierarchy!  Let’s make 2019 the year for Localvantia and Rewardical.com!


We LOVE online games and we’ve had so much fun developing our current line-up…but there’s room for many more kinds of games.  And we’re on it!  The fact is, we have in the works at least TEN additional games, some based on some of the most popular games in the world!
I wish I could say some of these great new games will be debuting soon but, alas, our programmers’ plates are quite full right now with other, higher-priority projects.  New games ARE coming, however, and hopefully we can surprise everyone with the addition of a new game or two in the next few months.  We’ll do our best!


We’re feeling like some new monthly contests would be fun this year!  Maybe some with some nice cash prizes?  Keep your eye out for an announcement in the next few weeks.  We hope thousands of you will jump in and win some great prizes and cash!


With Badge Quest now separated out into a TripleClicks version and an SFI version (for business-building activities), several more SFI badges are needed.  Watch for announcements about new SFI badges throughout 2019.


Rest assured, there is much, much, much more that will debut in 2019.  Get ready for more new products, new site features, new marketing aids, new business-building tools, and more!


As I compose these final words for our 2018 campaign, my mindset is crystal clear:  2018 is over, it’s now time to put it in the rearview mirror and turn our focus towards having the biggest year in our history in 2019.  Will we achieve this lofty goal?  We won’t know for awhile, but you can count on this:  I will be giving you everything I’ve got in this new year to make it happen, just as I have for the last 20+ years!
THANK YOU AGAIN, everyone, for your loyalty and for everything you do for SFI. We appreciate you more than you could ever know!  Now let’s go out and build something even greater in 2019!  I’m all in; I hope you are too!
Gery Carson
SFI President & Founder

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