What are the Benefits of ECommergy?

What is ECommergy?
ECommergy is SFI's flagship digital product. Very simply, it's a site for and by ecommerce entrepreneurs, that launched April 1, 2019, and features:
  • "Best of the best" articles, videos, and audios from across the web, hand-selected and curated by us and other experts in ecommerce. 
  • Exclusive articles and other content.
  • New content added daily.
  • Our exclusive "Ask An Expert" program allows you to get your questions personally answered by ecommerce experts at no additional cost.
  • Sophisticated search engine makes finding the exact content you're looking for fast and easy.
  • Peer ratings and reviews.
  • A variety of tools and features for managing your favorite articles, reading lists, etc.
  • More!
A full-access monthly ECommergy subscription starts at just $9.97 (just $.33/day) and comes with 480 VersaPoints (VP). Or, quickly advance to Executive Affiliate (EA) rank–and begin receiving all related EA benefits–with an affordable $29.97 premium subscription (less than a dollar day)...all while having experts in ecommerce showing you the way to success and profits!

A big part of ECommergy's strength is derived from its exclusive focus on small business owners and internet entrepreneurs of ALL experience levels. Anyone who's in ecommerce...or wants to be...or should be utilizing ecommerce...are potential subscribers! That makes ECommergy an ideal product for you and your team to market. And with the ability to earn 50% of the CV on all subscribers, ECommergy is one of the top potential moneymakers for SFI affiliates! 

Example: Sell just two ECommergy Standard Subscriptions a month beginning this month. Within just 12 months, you could be earning $76.80 in Direct Commissions and 11,520 VP each month. Combine that with, say, a new premium subscription each month from one of your own Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSAs)–on which you also earn 50% of the CV–and you'll have increased your monthly earnings to over $230. And that's NOT including the money you'll be making from Executive Pool shares and VP Matches! Just imagine what you could be earning as more of  your PSAs come on board and your base of subscribers continues to grow! 
TIP! Earn recurring and ongoing income with this ULTRA-simple 3-step plan 
  1. Become Executive Affiliate(EA) and remain an EA every month. Buy auto-delivery $29.97 premium subscription which guarantee you EA rank 1500 VP every month. You will receive FREE Bonus 10 CSAs(Co-Sponsored Affiliates), 10 TCredit, 50 RW, Executive Pool share, Matching RW and other Executive Benefits.
  2. Sponsor 5 serious PSAs(Personally Sponsored Affiliate) using the methods listed HERE.
  3. Teach your 5 serious PSAs to do these same 3 Steps.
Proof of Concept (Profit Plan) This is a must-read Forum post, a great read from Tim Braun, Gold Team Leader CLICK HERE
What's more, because ECommergy is a 100% digital product with no shipping costs or hassles, delivery is instantaneous worldwide. Your new subscribers literally can be enjoying ECommergy within seconds, no matter where they live in the world!
But our system to help you sign up subscribers and grow your commissions doesn't stop there. We all know that nothing compares to actually experiencing the value of an item for yourself. That's why we created an exclusive and powerful marketing system for selling ECommergy subscriptions! As an SFI affiliate, you can use ECommergy "Day Pass" Marketing Packs (included with your own premium subscription) to give out free "trial subscriptions" to your prospects–letting them explore ECommergy for themselves and seeing all it has to offer, all without any cost or obligation, before deciding if a subscription is right for them.  This is a powerful, no-pressure way to generate regular subscription sales that can continue to pay you commissions month after month after month!
Example: The EA-qualifying $29.97 premium subscription comes with 300 days of passes. That means you can hand out ten free 30-day passes...or thirty 10-day passes...or 300 one-day passes...or in whatever combination you want!
Hand out your day passes everywhere! There are tens of millions of businesses across the world, both online and offline, and almost every one needs what ECommergy provides. 
Managing Your Day Passes

For affiliates with premium subscriptions, we've made available a gateway for you to use to give out free trial subscriptions. The URL is:

(replace XXXXX with your SFI ID number)

We've also built an awesome Day Pass Manager to manage your passes. It's this easy to use:

1. Go to the Day Pass Manager (log in with SFI ID and password).
2. Submit the email address of your prospect (that's all we need!).
3. Choose to give them either a 1-, 5-, 10-, or 30-day pass.
4. Submit.

That's it, you don't have to do anything else! We'll immediately send your prospect a welcome email with the information they need to access ECommergy immediately. We'll, of course, also mention that the free trial subscription they've received is courtesy of you! Then, as mentioned earlier, over the coming days, a series of emails will be sent to them–friendly reminders about the great benefits of ECommergy and about extending their access with a paid subscription.

Yes, an ECommergy subscription can truly be invaluable.  And when you sell a subscription to ECommergy to someone, feel great, because you may have given them a life-enriching, life-changing gift!

Read more about ECommergy and FAQ Here.

If you are not and SFI affiliate and want a FREE trial subscription CLICK HERE.

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