How To Set-up Advertising Co-op in SFI

This is a guide on how to set-up advertising co-op for SFI business. This tool is available at the Affiliate Center. The tool allows affiliates to easily set up and operate their own advertising co-ops. Co-op Manager automatically distributes new sign-ups to participating members. Accessible to affiliates with at least 1,500 VersaPoints each month.

1. Login to your SFI homepage.

2. At Affiliate Center click the TO-DO tab.

Go to Intermediate Actions, scroll down and click the link 'For setting up an advertising co-op for your team'.


Alternatively you can go to the top menu bar click on ‘Power Tools’ and then select ‘Co-op Manager’.

3.  You will be starting a new co-op click on this link “Start A New Co-op”. It will go to the next page.

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4.  By default for first time the keycode will be assigned as 3101, then 3102 and so on. You can change the keycode of your choice but 1101, 1104, 1200 and 1300 are reserved for SFI corporate use.

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5.  Put a description in the box like maybe the month you are doing this or just put ‘ Test ‘. This is just to name the co-op and you can change it other time.

4.  You will select ‘shares’ and not ‘signups’. Then click on the bottom link ‘Create New Co-op’.

5.  This will take you back to SFI Co-op Manager page. Click on the keycode you have created earlier. This will open another page.

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6.  Scroll down to the bottom and put your SFI ID number in and then give yourself 1 share. Click on ‘Add Coop Participant’.

You will then see your name in the co-op when you are taken back to that page.

NOTE: You don’t have to use this Co-op Manager if you do not wish to. Just do the set up once to earn the free 100 VP… that’s it.

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