TO-DO List Guidelines For First Month

Welcome New Affiliates! As a new SFI Affiliate, the most important task in the first month in SFI is do the actions in your TO-DO List as part of your training and learning and earning valuable Versapoints(VP) at the same time. What is VP? These are points with monetary value, that are rewarded for the actions done in your TO-DO List. Below are TO-DO List guidelines for your reference.
To make the learning process easier, SFI have prepared all the steps in the To-Do List actions for all new Affiliates to go through as part of the training process for full understanding and the know-how to, on building SFI business successfully from home.
Why you need to collect VPs?
VP = $$
Higher VP ⇒ Higher Rank ⇒ Higher Income

You can also refer to our new Training Guide to get started.

So first log in to your SFI Affiliate Center.

If this is the first time you log in to SFI you will see SFI Welcome Page. To see the Welcome Page Click Here.

Then you need to do your LaunchPad Training, THE best place for getting up to speed on everything about SFI and TripleClicks (but without overwhelming details). We strongly encourage all affiliates to start here. Completing this training series you will get 285 VP, Click Here.

Finally check your VP Ledger. 

Your VP Ledger - A listing of actions and how many VPs you have collected from your To-Do List tab. Check your VP Ledger and make sure that you have completed the following One-Time actions in the Getting Started Actions and Intermediate Actions(refer to actions in RED box). Click on each link to earn the VPs. If you see 0 means that you need to complete the actions to earn the VP. Go to your VP Ledger Click Here.

VP with * - 
Click on the action link then on the top right page click the green V icon.

For following SFI/TripleClicks/Pricebenders Alerts on Twitter -
Log in or sign up to Twitter first. Make sure your Twitter account is set to Public. At VP Ledger click on the action links, follow the Twitter accounts and enter your Twitter username. Make sure you enter this exactly. Once this is submitted, your points should be awarded to you. 

For liking SFI/TripleClicks on Facebook - 
Log in or sign up to Facebook first. At VP Ledger click the Like button on the actions links. Refresh the VP Ledger page and your points should be awarded to you.

- For installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog -
See Video Tutorial Here

- Create and upload your TripleClicks Avatar -
See Video Tutorial Here

More Videos tutorial:
How To Earn Your Daily Versapoints
How To Earn Your Weekly Versapoints
How To Earn Your Monthly Versapoints

For serious Affiliates to increase your income, advance to EA(Executive Affiliate) with minimum 1500 VP. Instead of being able to earn income in just two ways, as an EA you can now earn income SIX ways. See the Executive Benefits Click Here.

Once EA you will be rewarded with 2 CSAs (Co-sponsored affiliate) and get to earn TripleClicks Executive Pool(profit sharing), that is your VPs will convert to CASH. 

To achieve the highest rank and maximize your income duplicate the SFI Simple 3-Step Plan.

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