Benefits of Fast Track Member

Newly joined members are given an opportunity to increase their earnings. Within the first 10 days with SFI you are offered a Fast Track membership. I have explained below the qualifications, benefits and reasons to be a Fast Track member.

Qualifications to be a Fast Track

1. Complete the five Fast-Track actions in the Getting Started section of your To-Do List (look for the green or red JET icons). Note: Jets will not be displayed if you’ve already completed the associated actions or you’re past the 10-day Fast-Track eligibility window.
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2. Generate a minimum of $20 USD in sales and/or purchases within your first 10 days in SFI. Choose from over 90,000 products available at TripleClicks.
That's it! See our recommendation and the benefits below.

Benefits of Fast Track Member

Silver Fast Track
Gold Fast Track

  • 250 Bonus VersaPoints!

  • 30 free entries in the Daily Grand drawing!

  • Fast-Track Bonus Shares (automatically receive 10% bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool every month!)
  • Exclusive Fast-Track Member badge for your home page!

  • Your name and photo added to our Fast-Track Wall of Fame!

  • Fast-Track Member certificate–suitable for framing!

  • Exclusive Fast-Track Member Lapel Pin!

  • Increase Signing Bonus to $40
  • Receive one new CSA each month (12/year)
  • 50 mighty TCredits
  • 200 Member Rewards Points
  • 10 Eager Zebra Express "tokens"
  • 30 free entries in the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing
  • Bonus 3 Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSA) added to your team!
  • Bonus 500 Versapoints (VP)
  • Increase Signing Bonus to $100
  • Receive three new CSAs each month (36/year)
  • Receive 10 CSAs each month (120/year) with a min. 1500 VP Standing Order
  • Advance to EA2 status immediately
  • 125 TCredits
  • 10 free bonus TCredits
  • TripleClicks Executive Pool (profit-sharing)
  • 1500 Versapoints (VP)
  • Bonus 100 VP for standing order
All the above additional benefits you will get every month as long as you are EA2.

Why become a Fast Track member?

Fast Track membership is entirely optional. However I want to point out a very important financial benefit that is the 10% Fast Track Bonus Shares. Every month that you are EA2, you will get additional 10% Bonus of the TripleClicks Executive Pool and this include matching VPs for Team Leader. In other words that is 10% increase in your monthly income.

No. of Affiliate
TC Executive Pool
Fast Track Member
(TC Exec Pool + 10%)
*This table shows how you can gain more being a Fast Track Member in the long run of your SFI Business.
Find out more Click Here.

If you can’t afford to be Fast Track see the following FAQ:

What if I can’t make the required $20 in sales and/or purchases within my 10-day window?

If you are a facing a hardship such as limited payment options or other obstacle, you may apply for a 20-day extension. (My Account > Fast-Track Extension Application)

Note: Applications are accepted during the last 3 days of your original 10-day Fast-Track qualification period ONLY.

I missed my deadline to become a Fast-Track Member. Is there a second chance?

The complete, standard package of seven Fast-Track Member benefits as listed is strictly limited to those who qualify during their first 10 days in SFI.

However, if you joined SFI on or after October 7, 2014, you CAN qualify for the gold Fast-Track Member badge and the Fast-Track Bonus Shares by advancing to the rank of Team Leader as follows:
  • Qualify as a STL (Silver Team Leader) within your first 90 days OR
  • Qualify as a GTL (Gold Team Leader) within your first 180 days OR
  • Qualify as a PTL (Platinum Team Leader) within your first 365 days

In addition, a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order is required.

NEW Fast Track Extension. If you have missed the Fast Track contact your Sponsor for Extension.

I’d like to become a Fast-Track member, but my sponsor is inactive, so how can I get an extension from him?
Here’s what you need to do: Contact your sponsor. Let him know you’d like to go Fast-Track and would appreciate it if he would issue you an extension. If you receive no response, submit a ticket with the details. If your sponsor is verified as inactive by us, we will allow you to be moved up to your sponsor’s sponsor (your sponsor’s sponsor can then issue you an extension).

More details on Fast Track Extension Here.

Like I said previously it is entirely optional to be a Fast Track member but this is a one time opportunity for you to have the option to increase your income. There are many that missed this chance and regret later. I hope the above explanation has helped you to understand about the Fast Track membership.

Tip! Be sure to follow this 3 Steps Plan to maximize your income.

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