How To Earn Tripleclicks Executive Pool

First, I call the TripleClicks Executive Pool a profit sharing plan. All affiliates EA (Executive Affiliate) or higher get to share in the plan every month.

The profits that go into the plan are determined by SFI, based on the amount of sales made company wide during the month. The amount you can earn is based on the number of VP(versapoints) you achieve during the month. Each VP is one share. If you make 1500 VP, you get 1500 shares. 

Second, if you become a Team Leader, then you also get what is called Matching VP. For every affiliate in your downline, anywhere from generation 1 - 12 (you can see these in your genealogy), that reach EA or TL(Team Leader) rank, you get 1 share for every VP they have earned. These are added to your shares you receive for your VP. 

So, for example, if you have 10 affiliates in your downline that are EA, and they each have 1500 VP for the month, then you would earn an extra 15,000 shares in Matching VP (1500 x 10). If you had 1500 VP yourself, then your total shares in the profit sharing plan for the month would be 16500. 

Third, the value of each share is determined by dividing the total amount of profit from TripleClicks sales that has been put into the profit sharing pool by SFI, by the total number of shares company wide that will participate in the pool (all VP from all affiliates who are EA or TL). 

How to build a strong foundation for your SFI business .
Hard to do but can be done thru TEAM WORK.

Tip! Be sure to follow this 3 Steps Plan to maximize your income.

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