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SFI Forum is a great resource available for all SFI members of all experience levels. The Forum lets members brainstorm and share tips and ideas and get their questions answered 24/7.  The in-depth discussions include SFI products, programs, and more.

A Must-Read Forum Post that I want to share here. This is a great and helpful post for new and current SFI members.

Alert Page: Simply, login daily. And, Stay Alert.
by Patrick Fairlie from New Zealand
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Stay Alert to change. SFI keeps changing. First daily business duty. Stay ahead of the change. Evolve with the change. Grow and be the change. Simply login daily. And, Stay Alert.
Take responsibility for your future - like a Boss. Not a worker. Like a Boss. If you can not be responsible for you, you can not be responsible for others. Your future may not be with SFI. 
The commitment you make today and every other day moving forward is not to me, SFI, or, to anybody else. You make a commitment to you. And, to be true to that commitment, all we ask you to do, is simply, login daily. And Stay Alert.
Your Alert page will tell you of changes. Like a Personal Assistant, your Alert page will tell you, what the recent, current, or, new changes coming, are about.
Read your Alert page like a mobile friendly morning newspaper. Notifications and Reminders at the top. Once read, tap the x, to remove from view.
New Announcement follows. Review these to get a general feel of what SFI does, how SFI operates, and, where SFI is going.
Then, the Latest Threads posted in SFI Forum completes your Alert page. SFI Forum is where you need to be. SFI Forum is a great resource. Affiliates share their experiences and time. Saving you time by their experiences. 
Remember, you are the Boss. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, like a Boss. Be the Boss. You do not get paid by the hour. You get paid commission for products or services you sell, buy, or, exchange. 
As a bonus, you also receive leveraged income on the duplicating actions of your PSA/CSA downline teams. 
As the Boss of your business, you need to take responsibility of knowing what business you are in, how it operates, and, how you fit into the big picture of the SFI platform. 
There is a SFI banner that reads: Honey, I fired the Boss.

You fired the Boss, to become the Boss, so be the Boss. You can do it, and, you can do it very well. It's not that hard once you know how? And, there lies the key to your success - knowing how? 
The secret to success is in the turning of the key. Knowing, is nothing without application. You have to apply what you know by doing. 
If you are reading this: You are still with us. Don't quit. Don't surrender. Don't give up. Take you time and learn. Learn how to earn long lasting money that stays with you and lasts longer. Surrender the temptation of making fast money that leaves you just as fast or is too fast for you to obtain. 
Take you time to learn and stay Alert. It's okay. It's all good. You won't get fired. I know the Boss. Personally, you do too. 
Grow and be the change. Simply, login daily. And, Stay Alert.

Benefits of Logging In daily to your SFI Affiliate Center:
  1. Keep up-to-date with latest SFI News Announcement
  2. Keep up to date with latest Forum Posts, read and take part in the discussion.
  3. Be aware of Notifications and Reminders (example CSA wards, Team Member's Birthday or SFI Anniversary, etc.) then take action.
  4. Click your Daily Actions Tabs (Turn those RED tabs to GREEN) and earn 10-12 VP each day.
  5. Chance on winning VPs, TCredits and prizes when you take part in the Daily Grand Draw, SFI Biz Quiz, T-Time Drawing, Daily Crown drawing and other games/contests.
  6. Keep in touch and help your Movers and Shakers in your Movers Tab.
  7. Most important is be an Awesome Sponsor, creating duplication with exemplary actions for your Team members to follow.

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